What is a Virtual Assistant

Since starting my Virtual Assistant business the funniest thing someone said to me when I answered the question about what my business is, “Oh you are like a human Alexa for businesses!”

No, I am so much more:

  • Alexa responds to you with general answers, a Virtual Assistant responds to your specific business needs;
  • Alexa requires you to ask a question, a good Virtual Assistant is proactive and will make suggestions answering questions before you even ask;
  • Alexa must be near you, a Virtual Assistant can be anywhere in the world.

So, What Exactly Is A Virtual Assistant?

The textbook definition of a Virtual Assistant (or VA) is an independent contractor who provides professional administrative, technical, and/or creative support to multiple clients and businesses. Think of a Virtual Assistant as a business partner or a right hand working alongside you.

A Virtual Assistant can be what you and your business need at that very moment. VA’s can do general administrative work or have a specialty niche. General Virtual Assistants work almost exclusively as a remote executive or administrative assistant doing tasks such as email and calendar management, invoicing, research, making calls, etc. Some specialty niches would be a social media manager, bookkeeping/accounting, project management.

Why Would I Need A Virtual Assistant?

Because you simply cannot do it all. At least 5-8 of the 24 hours we get in a day need to be dedicated to sleeping and if you have a family and friends there goes even more time.

Working “in” your business refers to all those tasks that let people know your business exists and brings you those wonderful clients. It is all the marketing, social media management, invoicing, IT management, bookkeeping, onboarding new clients, answering/sending emails, managing your calendar, making travel arrangements, website management, writing blogs or newsletters. The more successful your business the longer it takes to complete these tasks. You can’t skimp on any of these tasks but you also can’t skimp working “on” growing your business, developing new products, working with clients.

I named my business Timeflexer because that is what I do, I give you more time by taking on those administrative tasks. I work “in” your business so you can work “on” your business. My industry is supporting people, helping them achieve their business goals and I love it.

There are many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • As a fellow entrepreneur, your VA will understand the challenges and triumphs that come along with your running your business;
  • Your new partner is remote and uses their own computer, desk, and tools, so no need to provide workspace or equipment;
  • The VA is not an employee so no need to provide any employee benefits;
  • You only pay for the time you use – no paying for wasted time;
  • Satisfied clients – you will meet and exceed the expectations of your clients.

The biggest benefit will be the time you spent with friends and family. No need to be hidden away in your office trying to figure out Instagram or writing the perfect blog.

Now you know what a Virtual Assistant is and why you need to hire one.

Looking for a professional assistant to work with you. Let’s talk about getting more time for you, contact Timeflexer.

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